Vendôme Beauté France is more than just a cosmetics brand; it’s the culmination of family tradition. Born from a cross-generational devotion to beauty and botanicals, our company marries cutting-edge science to the wealth of nature’s bounty. Rooted in the vintage modeling industry of 1940s New York, Vendôme Beauté France intuitive cosmetic technology has been meticulously handed down through generations of the Whitcombe family. Born of a modeling mother, Alexandra spent some time as a model, then cultivated a rich background in botanicals, fine arts, and ballet; Sebastian’s vibrant youth and energy keep Vendôme on par with the latest trends in makeup. Together the mother and son carry on the family torch by devoting their expertise to Vendôme, a family enterprise that seeks to share the treasure of beauty. Vendôme uses cutting-edge science and pure, natural ingredients from France, Switzerland, and Italy to create products that bring joy to women around the world. Alexandra personally scours the globe for local apothecary secrets, infusing her knowledge of botanicals into each scientifically engineered cosmetic. Vendôme gives more than just the gift of beauty; Alexandra uses her talents to inspire and inform with a collection of cause-motivated palates that donate proceeds to charities around the globe. Vendôme beautifies the world.