SUISSE ALPINE - Intensive Anti-Cellulite Treatment

SUISSE ALPINE - Intensive Anti-Cellulite Treatment

Product code:VB-RED-007-IAT

Intensive Anti-Cellulite Treatment is going to win over everybody, even those who have tried every means to defeat cellulite or those who have given up hope, and those who feel cheated by useless products. Since Intensive Anti-Cellulite Treatment is prodigiously effective, and its success is based on real, visible results AFTER TWO MONTHS.



Soy isoflavones, to inhibit the formation of new adipocytes and trigger the breakdown of fat. Synephrine, a highly active compound once used by body builders to stimulate fat loss and to increase the metabolic rate. Caffeine to stimulate fat breakdown. L-Carnitine to help in the oxidation of fats and cellulite. Pepha®-Tight, with its instant and long-term effect. Vendome Beaute Intensive Anti-Cellulite Treatment main effects - after only 2 months: • Visible reduction of the orange-peel look and feel • Draining action • Firm skin and tone • Smooth and moisturizes skin • Instant and long-term firming effect
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