SUISSE ALPINE - Hydro-Lifting Cream

SUISSE ALPINE - Hydro-Lifting Cream

Product code:VB-RED-004-HLC

THE PERFECT MOISTURIZING AND LIFTING TREATMENT Vendome Beaute HYDRO-LIFTING CREAM is a brilliantly conceived combination of anti-oxidants and Vitamin C that deeply nourishes and energizes your skin. The extraordinary power of Swisso Logical Hydro-Lifting Cream’s anti-oxidants protects the skin from stress and environmental pollution. The lifting action of its unique ingredients helps to smooth out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This richly textured and highly moisturizing cream will make your skin look healthy and revitalized, resulting in re ned texture and a silken smoothness. For best results, apply the Hydro-Lifting Cream after the Hydro-Lifting Serum.




MALT SECRETS are extracted from 100% organic cereals. They improve microcirculation and deeply nourish the skin. Malt Secrets dramatically improve your appearance making you look younger. STAY-C 50 is the stable form of Vitamin C, meaning that it is more active. It protects the skin from cellular damage, reducing all visible signs of aging. Your complexion will look significantly brighter and healthier. INSTRUCTIONS: Apply every morning and night after treatment with the HL Serum. Start with the middle portion of the face and massage the cream slowly upwards. Apply the cream on the middle of the forehead and massage from the inward corners of the eyebrows outwards. Apply the cream on the upper lip and massage towards the cheeks. Then apply below the lower lip and massage it down till you reach the chin.
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