SUISSE ALPINE - Hydro-Cellular Eye Cream

SUISSE ALPINE - Hydro-Cellular Eye Cream

Product code:VB-RED-003-HCE

Vendome Beaute HYDRO-CELLULAR EYE CREAM is an anti-aging treatment for the delicate skin surrounding the eyes.
Its unsurpassed lifting and brightening action provides immediate hydration while also targeting the appearance of aging signs at the cellular level.

It effectively minimizes fine lines and wrinkles and firms up sagging skin caused by loss of elasticity.
It reduces puffiness and dark circles, making your eyes look radiant, vital and energized.


GENISTEIN is a powerful active ingredient that penetrates the skin at a deeper level. Genistein helps to increase skin’s elasticity and rmness for a visibly younger look. ORGANIC LIPACTIVE INCA INCHI OIL is a natural oil that restores skin’s elasticity and effectively prevents dryness, maintaining your skin deeply hydrated. INSTRUCTIONS: Apply the eye cream every morning and evening after the HL treatment. Be gentle! The skin around the eye is very sensitive. Use your ring finger to dab the cream along the eye contour, making circular movements without pressing too hard. If crow’s feet are present make sure to get into the crevices at the corners. Apply on both eyelids. This will create a smooth foundation for your eye makeup and prevent droopy eyelids.
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