SUISSE ALPINE - Hydro-Lifting Serum

SUISSE ALPINE - Hydro-Lifting Serum

Product code:VB-RED-002-HLS

Vendome Beaute HYDRO-LIFTING SERUM is a highly rich, concentrated serum combining supreme skin- rming active ingredients with innovative anti-wrinkle agents. It reduces skin damage at the cellular level, rejuvenating the skin.
It signi cantly helps to prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and to minimize them when they do appear.

The Hydro-Lifting Serum helps to achieve a firmer, wrinkle-defiant skin.


PURE HYALURONIC ACID can be found naturally in every cell in the body, especially in the skin tissue, but it decreases with age. By stimulating cell renewal, the Swisso Logical Hydro-Lifting Serum daily restores lost hyaluronic acid, thus plumping your skin and dramatically reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It helps the skin stay young and healthy. The ultimate luxury for your skin! BIO-MIMETIC PEPTIDES are molecules that enhance the amount of collagen (a protein responsible for increasing skin elasticity) that the body cell can produce. Peptides stimulate collagen production that decreases with age. Peptides are therefore extremely effective in preventing and combating all signs of aging. Hydro-Lift Yourself. Fight Age! Apply the serum twice a day (morning/evening) to get the full benefit of its nutrients. Pour some serum on your palm. Rub both hands together to warm it up before applying. Use one long upward motion to apply the anti-ageing serum to your face to work against the pull of gravity. Let it absorb into your skin completely then combine the HL serum with the HL cream for best results.
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