SILVER LINE-Glowing Cocoon Facial Masque

SILVER LINE-Glowing Cocoon Facial Masque

Product code:VB-MAS-001-GIC

The supercharged formula of this peach-coloured mask has a unique texture somewhere between a gel and an emulsion. Velvety and creamy to the touch, this mask transforms into a delicate film on application for amazing freshness and incredible softness. The moisturising formula of the GLOWING COCOONING MASK contains a film-forming polymer, wheat extract for a skin brightening effect, nasturtium extract to oxygenate the epidermis and an orange concentrate to boost microcirculation and the skin's hydration.
The GLOWING COCOONING MASK transforms the look of skin with regular use. Apply a generous layer and leave for 10 minutes for the ultimate metamorphosis and a truly radiant complexion! COMPOSITION  Granita aspect gel emulsion  Film-forming biopolymer : moisturizing properties  Wheat extract : brightening properties by melanogenesis inhibition (tyrosinase and TRP1 mechanisms)  Nasturtium extract : cutaneous oxygenation, smothes the skin and improves skin radiance  Orange extract: improves microcirculation and moisturization  Boron nitride and fine mother of pearl : bring a natural glow  Part of ingredients from natural origin: 90.3% KEY POINTS  Granita aspect sensory texture  Transforming texture : the thick film during application becomes thin and reveals an intense freshness sensation  Refreshes the skin and improves radiance complexion
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