SILVER LINE-Rose Purifying Oil

SILVER LINE-Rose Purifying Oil

Product code:VB-OIL-002-RPO

SKIN PURIFYING OIL is a cleansing oil enriched with white rose extract to combat pollution and restore the skin's radiance. The presence of esters softens the epidermis and fights the signs of ageing. This highly enveloping oil gently removes make-up impurities and lathers on contact with water to offer extremely gentle cleansing. Skin is purified and detoxified and recovers softness and radiance.

Take SKIN PURIFYING OIL in the hands and apply it directly on the skin or with a cotton pad to solve all impurities. Massage well. Then add a small amount of water
and the oil turns to milk. Rince off with a large amount of lukewarm or cold water. Avoid direct contact with eyes.
 Oil  Esters specific combination : impurities make-up solubilisation, without epidermis dryness  Vegetable squalane: nourishing and moisturizing properties  Soft emulsifiers : soft epidermis make-up remover step, and oil emulsification in contact with water  White rose extract : anti-pollution properties with radiance  Make-up remover oil that turns to milk with water  Transforming texture  Very efficient and skin friendly make-up remover step
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