SILVER LINE-Plumping Golden Oil

SILVER LINE-Plumping Golden Oil

Product code:VB-OIL-001-PGO

PLUMPING GOLDEN OIL is a treatment oil for the face designed for dry or mature skin.
The white rose extract in this rich, comfortable oil protects and detoxifies the epidermis and fights the loss of radiance caused by aging.
It takes further action in the skin architecture with a botanical extract that improves skin firmness and density for a visible plumping effect. For an instant beauty-enhancing result smoothness, suppleness, and glow are restored to the skin, and the epidermis is prepared for the other daily skincare products. COMPOSITION KEY POINTS  Oily serum  Apricot kernel oil : brings suppleness and resiliency  Fatty acids esters : bring regenerating lipids that decrease with aging  White rose extract: enhances cellular mechanisms, fights against pollution and improves skin radiance  Crystal drops of Pistacia lentiscus extract: stimulates fibroblasts cellular metabolism and improves dermic extracellular matrix structure – plumping effect  Part of ingredients from natural origin > 95%  Anti-ageing oily serum  Detoxifying and radiance improvement properties  Acts on skin architecture with a plumping effect (skin density)  Target: dry or mature skins
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