SILVER LINE-Rose Wax Nourishing Makeup Remover

SILVER LINE-Rose Wax Nourishing Makeup Remover

Product code:VB-REM-001-RWN

Massaged onto the entire face using circular motions, WAX’UP is a cleansing wax that acts in several stages.
In the first stage, the wax is warmed by the skin and melts, leaving an oily film that effectively dissolves make-up pigments and impurities.
In the second stage, the face is rinsed with water. Contact with water turns the wax into a light milky emulsion that is removed with the last traces of make-up.
After rinsing, the skin is clear, purified, supple and radiant.
COMPOSITION KEY POINTS  Make-up removing wax  Sweet almond oil : brings softness and comfort  Natural waxes give the solid aspect to the product  Roses flowers essential wax : soothing and moisturizing properties  White rose extract: boosts cellular metabolism, fights against pollution and improves skin radiance  Rose pourpre perfume  Part of ingredients from natural origin >85%  Transforming texture : the wax turns to oil during application , then it turns to milk in contact with water  Innovative make-up removing routine  Very good make-up removing efficacy, without making the skin dry TESTS REGULATION Compatibility in progress ; Water activity OK ; Rancimat OK ; Cutaneous tolerance (patch test) OK ; Ocular tolerance (Het Cam) OK. Meet Europe, USA, Japan, ASEAN and China (with INCI name adaptation) regulations. INSTRUCTIONS Take a small amount of WAX’UP with the fingertips or with a spatula and apply it on the face with gentle massages. The wax turns to oil, which is easier to apply on the skin. For the eyes, take gently the eyelashes between the fingertips, or apply WAX’UP with a cotton pad to take away all impurities and make-up traces. Rince off with lukewarm water or with a cotton pad.
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