SILVER LINE-Dew Kiss Gel Foundation

SILVER LINE-Dew Kiss Gel Foundation

Product code:VB--FOU-001-DKG

The long-wearing, yet light texture of Dew Kiss is enriched with highly
dermophilic coated pigments in a innovative Gel Base. Unctuous and
creamy, it spreads and is absorbed very easily. Dew Kiss leaves an
even dewy fresh veil of color on the surface of the skin. It stays all day
long looking dewey fresh. More than a make-up product, Dew Kiss is a
skin care product too as it contains a marine extract with restructuring
properties. Skin looks smoother and younger.
Marine extract composed of fibroine (marine silk, exocollagen and elastin), strengthens the conjunctive fibers network and increases cutaneous tissue firmness. Its components will be a “nutritional complement” for cutaneous cells which will activate their own synthesis. Gel in Silicone emulsion Mineral and chemical anti UVA-UVB filters Coated pigments, long wearing Soft focus pigments : enhance complexion radiance Pigments concentration : 9.2 % Silica powder : powdery softness Glycerin : moisturizer Virgin hazelnut oil, maintains skin suppleness KEY POINTS Long-wearing (pigments and water in silicone formula) Skin care
ARW Brand No

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