SILVER LINE-Midnight Blue Mask

SILVER LINE-Midnight Blue Mask

Product code:VB-MAS-002-MIB

MIDNIGHT BLUE S.PACK is a refreshing and firming overnight mask. Its behaviour is surprising on first contact: its so-called "shape memory" texture, which spreads itself onto the skin to facilitate facial application, regains a "like-new" appearance in the jar for the next use.
On application, MIDNIGHT BLUE S.PACK blends into the skin and provides an intense sensation of freshness. Its texture, which is particularly light on the skin, is fresh, non-sticky and rich in water. Lindera extract sets the biological clock by improving skin hydration, tone and elasticity and by smoothing the microrelief. Iris extract helps regenerate the skin, thanks to its astringent and revitalising properties. This overnight mask allows the skin to take advantage of the sleeping period to absorb its active ingredients. In the morning, the skin is plumped, smoothed and relaxed. COMPOSITION  Acrylic polymer: gelling agent with pseudo-plastic behaviour giving the shape memory effect  Pentylene glycol : humectant, moisturizing properties  Iris extract: astringent, regenerating properties for a fresh skin in the morning  Lindera extract: luminotherapy-like effect, enhances moisturization, tonicity, skin elasticity, improves skin radiance and smooths skin microrelief  82,2% natural based ingredients
ARW Brand No

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